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Students develop the best version of themselves at Davy College.


It offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary training that is incorporated through the different projects that students develop, where they integrate the use of Spanish and English languages, with sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Mathematics (including differential and integral calculus), Humanities, and the Arts, under the learning principles of the International Baccalaureate.

Prepared for a successful future

Davy College ’s training will allow students to enter the university of their choice, develop the chosen career satisfactorily, and transforming them into environmentally conscious, skilled, positive and adaptable young adults.

Secondary School

Fieldwork Education - International Middle Years Curriculum

A curriculum for 11-14 year old students.

The International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) is designed around the needs of the developing adolescent brain to improve the way 11-14 year old students learn. Addresses 5 key needs of the adolescent brain based on recent brain research.

Much of this research indicates that the brain learns associatively, that is, connecting new learning with previous learning and adapting previously learned concepts to incorporate new learning.

It is critical that students make sense of their learning to help strengthen new connections and ensure that those related to their knowledge or skills are not lost or excluded.

The community needs to create opportunities for adolescents to be active, practice decision-making skills, and be given the opportunity to take risks during learning. Peers play an increasingly important role in the validation of the adolescent as they accompany the passage from childhood to adulthood.

Adolescents need additional support on topics such as organization, decision-making, and self-control.

IMYC provides a challenging and rigorous learning curriculum that students in the middle years find relevant, inspiring, and enjoyable.

Strategic Pillars

In 2018, a restructuring of the school's strategic plan began. As a result of this exercise, our Mission, Vision and Values were updated and redirected. Attention was then focused on 5 key initiatives, called STRATEGIC PILLARS, which would allow Davy College to become the best international school available option in the country’s northern macro-region.

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