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Why is social awareness important?

Research indicates that community service develops the necessary skills for students' civic engagement.

The social awareness proposal, in the programs developed in Davy College, allows students to grow personally and socially as a result of activities and projects, developing an ethic towards service, making them more supportive, open-minded and reflective, besides developing higher levels of self-confidence and maturity.

Institutional Service Program(ISP)

Service is a pedagogical strategy that allows students to open up to scenarios where they can, with the help of our educational community, face experiences that bring them closer to different realities, thus contributing to the formation of a social conscience.

The Institutional Service Program is developed from kindergarten to high school, promoting community service projects, in students from their projects.

CAS Program

The Creativity, Activity and Service program, a core component of the IB Diploma Program, constitutes a valuable opportunity for an ethics education, understood as the development of a series of principles, attitudes and behaviors that are valuable for the people involved in them.

Learning through experience allows the construction of new knowledge, skills and values. Continuous reflection from these experiences, which allow raising the students’ level of maturity and personal growth, thus going beyond the classroom and becoming responsible and supportive citizens.

Teamwork, communication and effective leadership acquire a new dimension, at the same time that students develop thought processes without the need to do so explicitly.

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