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The Primary level is committed to cultivating our students' love for learning, encouraging them to face new, more exciting and challenging scenarios. In addition, it is committed to developing within students: balance, security and responsibility, so that they aspire to reach their maximum potential, providing them with a welcoming, happy and safe learning environment in which all are equal, and their achievements are celebrated.

In turn, it provides families with support and encouragement. It is considered very important to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value the knowledge and skills that will support them in a continuous life-learning. Which will form students who are responsible citizens, ready to face the challenges of the future, in this changing world.

Primary School

The Primary level works within a transdisciplinary framework that focuses on the development of the child as a researcher, both at school and beyond. Based on research on how students learn, how educators teach, and the principles and practice of effective assessment, the curriculum places a strong emphasis on inquiry-based learning.

Houghton Mifflin, is a series of books in the English language based on international standards that contains Fiction and Non-Fiction texts according to different student’s level. In this program, skills related to phonological awareness, grammar, vocabulary, production of various kinds of text, reading strategies and skills are developed improving reading comprehension, as well as children’s communication skills.

This program provides tools for children so that through concrete activities of reflection, dialogue between peers, video analysis and recreational activities inside and outside the classroom, they develop social skills that will allow them to function and resolve assertively, real age and social environment situations. Families are involved at all times through activities they must do with their children.

The six aspects of writing are: Voice, Ideas, Presentation, Conventions, Organization, Word Choice, and Sentence Fluency. This program allows children to create the necessary vocabulary and common patterns to become familiar with the terms used in writing. At the same time, it develops consistency in writing production skills from one grade level to the next one.

Everyday Mathematics is a curriculum focused on the development of children’s understanding and skills, which allows them to be able to solve different problems in their environment.

It also emphasizes the use of concrete examples from real life and the use of manipulatives, which are significant and serve as an introduction to abstract mathematical concepts, the frequent practice of basic calculation skills, to develop mastery of basic operations, through games and activities where children base their processes, and the use of multiple problem-solving methods and strategies to develop students’ critical thinking and thus adapt to different learning styles.

Raz Kids is a virtual platform that provides comprehensive reading resources by levels for each student. It has a variety of e-books that are offered in 29 levels of reading difficulty. In addition, it allows the teacher to carry out a personalized reading assessment through the running record and provide the corresponding feedback.

Scholastics is a program that motivates children to enjoy reading; It also has a selection of books that are organized according to level and types of reading, such as fiction and non-fiction. These readings allow children to get to know different cultures, and other fields of learning such as literature, science, art, etc.

At Davy College we use Scholastics for our Guided Reading period, which is organized according to the reading level and interests of each child.

This program serves the purpose of giving support to students who need it, in facing the challenge of a bilingual education, which sometimes, being the first time they are immersed in this educational system, requires. It develops the learning of the new language in a differentiated way, in small groups with a modified curriculum and schedules adapted to their needs, which allows them to acquire the skills, tools and knowledge necessary to be able to insert themselves back into the grade level’s study dynamics.

Strategic Pillars

In 2018, a restructuring of the school's strategic plan began. As a result of this exercise, our Mission, Vision and Values were updated and redirected. Attention was then focused on 5 key initiatives, called STRATEGIC PILLARS, which would allow Davy College to become the best international school available option in the country’s northern macro-region.

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