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The Advanced Technology

As part of its institutional development, Davy College prides itself on maintaining an innovative pace in the area of technology and use of ICTs. Based on two important main ideas, "the adoption of new educational technologies" and "the enhancement of teachers' skills", the institution seeks to optimize its use, and adequate it for the benefit of student learning in a Blended teaching & Learning methodology.

The school’s technological infrastructure is oriented to the use of different platforms and applications, which allow students to face the different teaching and technological scenarios existing today, in the world of higher education and work.

“We have to prepare students for their future, not for our past. Ian Jukes ”

Science Laboratories

The school’s laboratories are fully equipped, with classic and modern equipment, as well as easy-to-use digital sensors, for a wide variety of prescribed experiments, and individual investigations in General Sciences, Biology, Physics and Chemistry , which range from typical laboratory experimental to interdisciplinary field activities.

Each of the four science laboratories is designed and equipped to provide students with lifelong learning, as well as a safe and meaningful experience, according to international standards, which contributes to establishing and developing fundamental experimental skills, critical and creative thinking , good communication skills in different ways, and collaborative work, which will prepare students to continue their future studies successfully.

IT - Systems Laboratory

Davy College is characterized by its renewed and updated cutting-edge technological platform.

The infrastructure is directed to students and teachers use, it works with Windows and Mac Os (Apple) systems, both on desktop devices (compatible desktop computers and iMac computers).

The school is also equipped with mobile devices such as iPads and Chromebooks. The latter have their own Google operating system, which leads to consolidate the use of Google Suite for Education tools.

Managed and controlled from a modern Data Center, based on hybrid technology, based on physical local servers and modern virtualization tools, is complemented by privately hosted services or controls in the cloud. All of these, with the appropriate configuration that ensures information and privacy requirements according to Peruvian and international laws.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Today, the development of multidisciplinary competitive capacities is an advantage that leads to providing spaces in related subjects which project into an interesting future development, such as science, mathematics, technology and engineering. These are the foundations of a STEM education, a pillar of the development of the current world's new needs and/or requirements.

Davy College seeks to develop the necessary actions that contribute towards consolidating education and infrastructure programs that provide the learning opportunities derived from a STEM program. The school does this, with support of national and international organizations (which Davy College selects following a careful process), with extensive experience in the field.

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