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In Early Years, students from 2 to 5 years old develop their potential in spacious and stimulating environments, with green areas and properly equipped classrooms, accompanied by our qualified teaching team. The proposed educational methodology, based on learning through inquiry, allows the student to be placed at the center of the curriculum.

In their path through the level, children are immersed in a bilingual environment, where they are encouraged to explore, experiment, solve problems, take mistakes as learning opportunities; imagine, collaborate, create, play and be happy. The level's commitment is to provide challenging learning experiences that promote social, emotional and intellectual development.

Special courses teachers in the following areas, also contribute to the formation of the little ones:


 Physical Education

 Language Development

 Information Technology




Early Years

The Early Years level methodology is socio-constructivist. It places the student at the center of learning. The child creates his knowledge based on experiences he lives during lessons and on his interaction with his classmates. This approach suggests that the student lives and learns through his culture, hence the importance of contextualized activities. The teacher then becomes a facilitator, promoting student’s autonomy and initiative through inquiry.

To enhance the different skills of our students, the best practices of the Reggio Emilia Pedagogy and the Montessori Method are also adopted. Both focus on the exploration through the use of senses. Likewise, both refer that education must train the child in an integral way, developing skills, acquiring knowledge and promoting social values. Where both, the scientific approach and the development of creativity, are enhanced.

In Early Years, the Aucouturier psychomotor program is followed, in a space where children develop in an integral way, that is, a place in which they are allowed to consolidate and demonstrate their abilities, both physical and cognitive; socialize and show themselves as they are, through play.

As playing is one of the main activities of the psychomotor classroom, it allows them to freely and spontaneously express their experiences and emotions. The presence of the psychomotor teacher accompanying them without feeling invaded, help them recognize and validate their emotions. At the same time, it allows children to self-identify as a unique and important being, improving their communication and relationship with others.

A Language Development specialist, prevents, detects and monitors language and communication problems for each child at the level.

Prevention of the child’s language problems, is provided by strengthening communicative-linguistic capacities, giving attention to difficulties in a timely manner, and integrating the rest of the student’s teachers and parents for an early intervention.

Strategic Pillars

In 2018, a restructuring of the school's strategic plan began. As a result of this exercise, our Mission, Vision and Values were updated and redirected. Attention was then focused on 5 key initiatives, called STRATEGIC PILLARS, which would allow Davy College to become the best international school available option in the country’s northern macro-region.

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