Infrastructure privilegiada construida en 6.5 hectáreas

Preparamos a nuestros estudiantes para el éxito en un mundo globalizado.


The Davy school has a privileged infrastructure built on 6.5 hectares, where our students can enjoy academic spaces, built in the format of buildings, which contribute to the educational training of our students, including science & technological development laboratories, and a cultural center for the development of the arts. This process is also accompanied by a 1000 m2 library.

Generous green areas complement the different spaces for sports’ development - a coliseum with capacity for 1500 people, two multipurpose roofed courts for the practice of tennis, volleyball, and basketball, plus two football/rugby grass fields, and an athletics track.

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Art and music

"The DC has art rooms with ample and adequate spaces, which allow the development of skills and techniques for the Visual Arts. Not only drawing and painting are learned, but also modeling, engraving, serigraphy, and sculpture, among others. The music rooms - exclusive environments for the development of the Performing Arts (singing and musical interpretation) - allow the learning of different instruments, music theory and appreciation, as well as the history of music.

Students can also, voluntarily, be part of choir, orchestra and/or violin ensemble groups, which participate in local and international meetings."


Davy College Library...More than just books.

The Davy Library has an extensive collection organized by subject under the Dewey classification. This collection is focused on the needs of the entire school community, offering more than 25,000 titles, of which 65% are in English.

The Davy College Library is more than just books as it also includes playful material for the little ones, interactive digital tools in English, Spanish and French for primary and secondary students, as well as cultural activities where students can share experiences with visitors. from all over the world!

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