International school that empowers
students with academic skills.

Students develop the best version of themselves at Davy College.


We are an international school that empowers students with the academic, cultural and life skills they will need to become upright and successful citizens.


Davy College aspires to develop environmentally conscious, highly skilled, positive and adaptable young adults capable of making bold decisions and a significant impact on society.

Davy's Philosophy

  • “We are determined to creatively transform our boldest ambitions into reality.”

  • “Be open, honest and constructive.”

  • “Inspire excellence”.

  • "Letting out the best version of each of our students is our responsibility."



Strategic Pillars

In 2018, a restructuring of the school's strategic plan began. As a result of this exercise, our Mission, Vision and Values were updated and redirected. Attention was then focused on 5 key initiatives, called STRATEGIC PILLARS, which would allow Davy College to become the best international school available option in the country’s northern macro-region.

Comprehensive training

The aim of the school is to actively participate in the comprehensive training of students, developing their autonomy, cooperation, principles and values, offering a service of excellence and quality management, in the teaching-learning and research processes.

Counseling and Student’s Well-fare

The comprehensive care of students is an essential component in educational action.

Developed by the Department of Counseling and Student’s Well-fare, managed by a team of counselors, it accompanies students in their forming process, both on issues related to learning as well as on social-emotional and behavioral aspects.

This process associates students, parents, teachers and school leaders, developing activities in a transversal way that involve all agents, allowing to provide a timely follow-up to each of the students at each level.

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