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What is the Student Council? It is the organization within DC that represents all students of the school; its members are democratically elected by universal and secret ballot, and its administration is for one year.

It is responsible for a series of activities/events that are developed to contribute to the subsequent education in the formation of values ​​and democracy.

It also contributes to the construction of a culture that recognizes children and adolescents as social subjects of rights, with capacities to contribute to their personal development, their educational institution, their family and their community.

Actividades Adicionales

The Student Council principles are: ORGANIZATION, PARTICIPATION AND OPINION for the defense of the ights of the students.

Activities programmed and planned include student integration, social and cultural events, of democratic formation, STUCO meetings and charity fundraising.

In short, it helps students put the principles stated into practice and make the three values ​​of CD their own: RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY AND RIGHTS, through direct or indirect participation in what is organized.



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