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International Baccalaureate

The Diploma Program (PD BI) is aimed at Davy College students in grades 10 and 11. The student can choose to become internationally certified by fulfilling the necessary assessment requirements to obtain the Diploma, at the end of grade 11.


The IB Diploma is accepted by most of the private universities in the country, as sufficient condition to access higher studies, without taking an entrance exam or attending a pre-university center.


What is the Diploma Program?

The IBO Diploma is a two-year program, which is an excellent preparation for college, for students in the last two years of high school. It is recognized nationally and internationally for being rigorous, stimulating and balanced. It encourages students to be informed, inquiring, caring, and compassionate, and to develop cross-cultural understanding and an open mind, as well as the necessary attitudes to respect and evaluate different points of view.

The program offers opportunities to develop understanding, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary, in order to meet the rigorous standards of higher education institutions around the world.

Why offer the Diploma Program?

Because it provides a truly stimulating education, and constitutes the best preparation for university studies, preparing students to participate effectively in an increasingly globalized and rapidly evolving society.

Strategic Pillars

In 2018, a restructuring of the school's strategic plan began. As a result of this exercise, our Mission, Vision and Values were updated and redirected. Attention was then focused on 5 key initiatives, called STRATEGIC PILLARS, which would allow Davy College to become the best international school available option in the country’s northern macro-region.

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