Development of autonomy, cooperation,
principles and values.

Students develop the best version of themselves at Davy College.

Complementary Activities

Complementary Activities


It is our goal to actively participate in the comprehensive training of students, developing their autonomy, cooperation, principles and values, offering an excellent service and quality management in teaching-learning processes and research.


Music, a subject that enriches the lives and education of students. It leads to better brain development, increasing human connection, and even relieving stress.

DC offers a music program for students from early years through high school.

It is not only part of the curriculum, but also includes the learning of instruments, and voluntary participation in different musical groups, such as the school orchestra, violin ensembles and polyphonic choir.

DC students participate in various local and international musical events, in addition to taking part in competitions organized by related institutions.

Violin Ensemble

The Violin Ensemble is a musical group that belongs to the group of artistic selections of the Institution.

In the Violin Ensemble, the student develops their musical technical skills on the violin through the interpretation of the music of the great universal composers, as well as traditional and/or popular Latin American, national and regional music.

Visual arts

Having a cultural center in the school is a unique opportunity to open the doors to art in Cajamarca. In this center, not only drawing and painting are learned, but modeling, engraving, serigraphy, and sculpture skills are also developed, among other techniques, which students experience every day in class. The school has the equipment, means and trained personnel for the development of each one of them.

It is here, where our students have the opportunity to be part of lifelong learning, practicing collaborative work, experimenting with various media and materials, applying the creative cycle, using various artistic techniques, developing their analytical thinking, and conducting comparative studies of artists. through time. In short, it contributes to the formation of creative human beings.


Theater plays a very important role in the personal and emotional development of students. The projects focus on theater production, including the different artistic and academic areas. Students are involved from the first grade of primary school to the last years of high school

To date, the school has staged several of the most famous musicals such as: Cats, Annie, The Lion King, Tarzan, Matilda, among others, as well as adaptations of well-known stories such as: The Canterville Ghost, Pinocchio, and The Little Inca.


Physical Education is a way of great importance to ensure the integral development of students, being a subject that constitutes a process in the direction of learning in a constant way, and that contributes to the personal growth of children and young people.

It also contributes to developing basic qualities of the person, such as the integration of the physical, intellectual and social, thus contributing to the educational action with its scientific foundations and its interdisciplinary links.

In essence, Physical Education is based on the following pillars:

Improves and develops all basic motor skills.

It contributes to the development of various skills for the practice of sports.

It contributes to a better quality of life, identifying the benefits in the integral system of the organism.

Improves the functioning of the immune system, through the regular practice of physical exercise.

Contributes to the formation of values, through team skills.

It contributes to a good state of mind, through the practice of physical activities.




Table tennis

Tennis field






Likewise, the participation of students in internal tournaments (Davy Cup), Inter Houses, LAHC tournaments, and School Games at the local, regional and national levels is promoted.

Other complementary activities

CISV is an international organization dedicated to Peace Education, led by volunteers worldwide, helping young participants to develop their full potential as future leaders and active citizens, to make a difference in their communities and in the world. It also gives them the opportunity to build global friendships and networks that will last a lifetime.

Throughout its history, CISV International has developed into a worldwide movement working for peace and cooperation, and intercultural understanding. Each year, CISV International places emphasis on one of its four educational content areas. This year the CISV educational content area was: Conflict Resolution. In addition, every year the values of friendship, inclusion, enthusiasm, commitment, and cooperation are developed.

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