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Davy College


Located high in the Andes of Northern Peru, Davy College is a bilingual, international school established in 1995 serving the needs of both Peruvian nationals and expatriates who reside in Cajamarca.

Davy College promotes a model of enriched second language education in which all students acquire a second language. The acquisition of an additional language provides our students with an opportunity to develop the international perspective required by the professional world of today. Davy College’s primary languages of academic instruction are English and Spanish from Pre-K through grade 12.

Davy College provides an international educational program from pre-school through grade twelve, guided by the globally recognized International Baccalaureate Organization’s, Diploma Programs (DP); students in Early Childhood and Elementary follow a course of study based on researched-based educational best practices.


In addition to an IB diploma and Peruvian certification of studies, as of 2008, students entering Davy College have the option of earning an American High School Diploma accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). To assess student progress, Davy College administers the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) which is a widely used tool in the U.S. for student performance in language and mathematics. With such a high level of expectation, it is no surprise that our graduates go on to study in the finest universities both in Peru and beyond.

Davy College follows an academic year based on the Southern hemisphere calendar. This means that the first semester of the school year typically begins the last week of February and runs to the second week of July. Students return for the second semester in the first week of August and classes continue until the third week of December.

There is little doubt that one of our highest expectations of students is the achievement of advanced proficiency in both English and Spanish. Regardless of students’ relevant backgrounds, Davy College is devoted to helping all students achieve oral and written fluency in both languages. We believe strongly that a culture of bilingualism will provide students with intellectual and economic advantages in the global community that awaits them upon graduation.

Thank you for your interest in Davy College.

Peter Zeitoun

Dr. Peter Zeitoun

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